Past experiences

EuroEnviro EuroEnviro 2019 Gothenborg, Sweden | Interdisciplinary Solutions for Sustainble Development

Three months ago, I had the privilege and honor to have attended EuroEnviro 2019. I started the week feeling a bit lost but oh my god, when I left the amazing week-long conference, I felt I N S P I R E D and super grateful. The highlight of the entire conference was the people I was surrounded with. To have people from different cultural, academic and social backgrounds sitting together in one room and discussing a common theme, which is to HELP CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER, gave me invaluable experience. It truly showed me that irrespective of where you came from and how different you looked, WE CAN come together and TOGETHER WE CAN initiate an open dialogue to make a difference. However, we all did agree that the week-long conference felt like this utopian world we'd love to be stuck in 🙁 I am very sure each of you is going to take the world by storm and make the change for a better world! Heck, some of you already are!!! The message I'd like to share with our generation lies in the very song I chose for the video: Say what you wanna say, and let the words fall out, honestly, I wanna see you be BRAVE! Let's all rise up, challenge the status quo and fight to make a lasting positive impact on this planet. Famous words of Euro Enviro 2019, If not now - when? If not you - who? Cannot wait for... NEXT YEAR'S EUROENVIRO 2020 and it's in GRAZ, AUSTRIA!! <3 Keep an eye out on EuroEnviro social media accounts and apply to join the next conference! Thank you all for being a part of this special impromptu project of mine!
Kieya Arshia

EuroEnviro 2014 in Helsinki, Finland | Transforming societies – towards an environmentally sustainable future

“Hello lovely people! Thank you once again for an amazing week! Even though I didn’t have the time to get to know you guys as well as I would’ve wanted, there still was plenty of inspiring and interesting conversations and a lot of fun. It is surreal to go back to work tomorrow after such an intensive week.”​
Iina Heikkilä

EuroEnviro EuroEnviro 2019 Gothenborg, Sweden | Interdisciplinary Solutions for Sustainble Development

"Die EuroEnviro im letzten Jahr in Göteborg war für mich eine echt tolle Erfahrung. Da ich noch nie zuvor bei der EuroEnviro war, reiste ich ohne viele Erwartungen, dafür aber mit viel Vorfreude auf eine gute Zeit in Schweden im Gepäck an. Aber das, was das Göteborg Team auf die Beine gestellt hat, hätte ich nun wirklich nicht erwartet. Wir hatten eine Woche lang ein tolles, interaktives und internationales Konferenzprogramm mit Vorlesungen, Teamwork, ner Menge Fika und Exkursionen. Und dazu dann auch noch ein quasi Rundum-Sorglos-Paket, in dem von der Übernachtung bis zum ÖPNV Ticket an alles gedacht wurde. Das Allertollste war aber, dass bei all der professionellen Orga tatsächlich auch der Spaß und die Lockerheit der ganzen Veranstaltung nicht verloren gegangen sind. Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass man innerhalb von einer Woche so eng mit Personen zusammenwachsen kann, die man davor noch nie gesehen hat. Aus der Woche EuroEnviro habe ich nicht nur viel Wissen rund und die SDGs mitgenommen, sondern auch eine riesige Menge an Motivation für zukünftige Aktivitäten in Sachen Nachhaltigkeit. Als ziemlich bereichernd habe ich auch den internationalen und -kulturellen Charakter der EuroEnviro empfunden. Die Dinge aus einer anderen Perspektive zu sehen und die eigenen Standpunkte und Problemlagen zu reflektieren lernt man meiner Meinung nach nirgends besser, als im direkten Austausch. Ganz am Ende möchte ich auch nochmal "Hut ab" sagen, vor dem ehrenamtlichen Engagement durch die Leute, die sich jedes Mal Nächte der Planung um die Ohren schlagen, um diese Veranstaltung zu organisieren. Ein dickes DANKE!"
Kathi Schweiger

EuroEnviro 2015 in Gothenborg, Sweden | Catalysts of Change

“I already badly miss this amazing experience! I miss everything and everybody, especially those who closely worked with me and our ideas, my roommates and all the chupa-players who shared the moments during which I laughed the most! A big THANK to every single person: if this week has been so unforgettable it is because of you, your enthusiasm and your openness! I hope to meet you all again, in København maybe!”
Mariantonietta Gagliardi

EuroEnviro 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark | Building the Future

“EuroEnviro has a long history with my study programme at the university of Graz. Since the beginning, I was told that I have to participate at EuroEnviro if it is possible for me. And finally, last year it happened and I was up on my way to Copenhagen. And I must say it was bada boom worth it. What an experience. In just one week I got to know so many new people and ideas, which from the first day somehow connected with their enthusiasm for environmental themes.And getting to know so many nice places and initiatives in Copenhagen has been a nice side effect too 😉 Therefore, I’m joyful looking forward, where the journey continues in Rimini. And to everyone reading this, you should definitely apply to be part of the next EuroEnviro.”
Moritz Steinbacher