Hey everyone,
we hope you are all doing well! As you know, EuroEnviro 2020 could not take place in Graz last year because of the global pandemic which entered our lives one month before the event. We then tried to host the conference in person this year, however, we decided to postpone the conference to 2022 due to the continuing planning uncertainty. Since EuroEnviro builds on personal exchange, it is really important for us to host the event in person. We hope this will be possible in 2022!




Climate Change has never been in the center of attention as it is now. At the conference, academic knowledge from leading scientists on climate physics, social and economic effects, factors of climate psychology and much more will be shared. The topic will be worked on from different perspectives and action levels connected with an all-embracing systemic view.


Josef Hader

“I would like to survive.” (translated)


Josef Hader, austrian comedian, actor and writer

Adi Groß

“I think it is extremely important that students deal with this question and also get involved in the political discourse as much as possible. In all political endeavors, it will be necessary for civil society forces to keep at it.” (translated)


Dr. Adi Gross, politician for the the Green party

Christian Felber


“There are many alternatives: Common Good Balance Sheet for companies, Common Good Products to replace GDP, carbon taxes and tariffs or ecological human rights („per capita climate accounts“) – some of these many alternatives are widely known since decades. As long as we do not manage to improve our democracies, I see little chance of quick and effective implementation. My request to you: Link the concern for climate protection to the challenge of democracy development.”


Christian Felber, author and activist

Judith Schwentner

“As City Councillor for the Environment, I am particularly pleased that EuroEnviro is taking place in Graz this year. This Europe-wide student network is unique in its focus on sustainability and climate protection and is an important think tank for our future. I wish all participants strengthening inputs and inspiration for their professional future, enriching acquaintanceships and of course a lot of fun in our beautiful city.” (translated)


Judith Schwentner, city council of Graz for environment and women’s affairs

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