Past experiences

Group photo from EuroEnviro 2017
EuroEnviro 2017 participants and team (Rimini, Italy)

EuroEnviro 2014 in Helsinki, Finland | Transforming societies – towards an environmentally sustainable future

“Hello lovely people! Thank you once again for an amazing week! Even though I didn’t have the time to get to know you guys as well as I would’ve wanted, there still was plenty of inspiring and interesting conversations and a lot of fun. It is surreal to go back to work tomorrow after such an intensive week.”​
Iina Heikkilä

EuroEnviro 2015 in Gothenborg, Sweden | Catalysts of Change

“I already badly miss this amazing experience! I miss everything and everybody, especially those who closely worked with me and our ideas, my roommates and all the chupa-players who shared the moments during which I laughed the most! A big THANK to every single person: if this week has been so unforgettable it is because of you, your enthusiasm and your openness! I hope to meet you all again, in København maybe!”
Mariantonietta Gagliardi

EuroEnviro 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark | Building the Future

“EuroEnviro has a long history with my study programme at the university of Graz. Since the beginning, I was told that I have to participate at EuroEnviro if it is possible for me. And finally, last year it happened and I was up on my way to Copenhagen. And I must say it was bada boom worth it. What an experience. In just one week I got to know so many new people and ideas, which from the first day somehow connected with their enthusiasm for environmental themes.And getting to know so many nice places and initiatives in Copenhagen has been a nice side effect too 😉 Therefore, I’m joyful looking forward, where the journey continues in Rimini. And to everyone reading this, you should definitely apply to be part of the next EuroEnviro.”
Moritz Steinbacher